TP Works T-Pulse

TP Works T-Pulse 1.0.3

Virtual analog modeling synthesizer

TP Works T-Pulse is a virtual analogue modeling synthesizer that comes with 2 oscillator groups, 2 lfo's, fm modulation, pitch modulation and many routing options.

The first group of TP Works T-Pulse oscillators has 3 osc. : saw, sine, and a square waveform. The second group also has a saw and square but instead of a sine it comes with a triangle.

Both oscillator groups can be pitched down or up by 4 octaves. To add some low-end, there is a sub oscillator which you can use as a square or a pulse waveform.

This oscillator can also be pitched. Both oscillator groups can be modulated by a PEG envelope and you can also add fm modulation for harsh metallic sounds.

The fm waveform can also be used as an lfo and the way and amount of modulation can be controlled by an envelope generator. You can modulate the pitch of the fm waveform by routing the lfo to it or an osc.